About Us

Majestic Moon Ranch is located in Franktown, CO. We are a small-scale organic produce farm with production Spring through late Fall.  We believe in Local Organic Produce and Sustainable Living. Majestic Moon Ranch was started by Sabrina Maiden of Infinite Wellness, an Integrative Therapeutic Medicinal clinic offering alternative, homeopathic medicine for those suffering from chronic illness and everyday disease. Through her practice, Sabrina realized the power of sustainable living and the benefits to eating organic and local food for both the body and the environment. She and her husband were inspired to start a ranch that would provide local and organic food to support their community.

“Helping to Save and Support the Health and Wellness of People, One Community at a Time.”

Our overall goal at Majestic Moon is to reduce impacts to the land, while maintaining and educating others on a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. At Majestic Moon Ranch, we use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, we rely on biological diversity in the field to naturally reduce habitat for pest organisms, and we purposefully maintain and replenish the fertility of the soil allowing it to gain the highest potential of nutrient value possible.

If you are interested in purchasing our products, please call 303-903-7487.